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The all-rounder with many talents.

Fly wherever you want - the FunCub makes it possible. Thanks to the large EPP-light wheels and the powerful brushless drive she comes to terms with almost every track.

This model needs very little space to land. In addition, her talent is for spectacular stunts.

Big wheels, big prop and a drive with "steam" - just the right mix for it.
Also has an optional tow coupling for glider towing and floats to make the "Fun Cub"an ideal seaplane.
It is simply an all-rounder:
Because of the non-critical flight and excellent low speed, the beginner can utilise the FunCub as a trainer andthe more advanced flyer can make full use of it's spectacular aerobatics capabilities (loop, roll, inverted flight).

• Low minimum speed
• Very good-natured flying characteristics
• The towing of gliders (eg EasyGlider size) suitable
• Powerful drive set available
• Large flaps controlled (optional)
• Replace the battery easily via removable hood
• Take Off from nearly every possible slope

Kit contents:
ELAPOR ® moldings, fiberglass spars, all necessary for the assembly of plastic, small and Anlenkungsteile, decal sheet, detailed, illustrated instructions.

Recommended Equipment:

2 servos Nano-S (transverse) # 6 5120
Optional additional 2 or 3 servos Nano-S stock #mpx 65120
(for landing flaps and tow hitch)
RX-5 receiver from light M-LINK stock #mpx55808
or RX-7-DR M-LINK light stock #mpx55810
or RX-9-DR M-LINK stock # mpx55812
Drive set "FunCub" stock # mpx332649
with brushless motor, controller, propeller, driver and accessories.
Battery Recommendation:
Li-BATT eco 3/1-2000 (M6) stock # mpx157231

Wingspan 1400 mm
Overall length 980 mm
Flying weight about 1130 g
Area Contents 38 dm ²
Surface load of 30 g / dm ²
RC functions elevator and rudder, ailerons, engine.

Flaps / Tow Coupling are optional.