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CODE: MPX85401

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Similar in operation to the current probe (stock #mpx 85403), but with a continuous power rating of 100 A and solder pads for attaching a suitable low loss, or cable. Using MULTIMAT or "Sensor Data Manager " Enable or adjustable: Address (line of the display on the transmitter), which is displayed under the current Upper alarm above current value, from which an alarm sounds on the transmitter. Lower alarm below current value at which an alarm is sounded on the transmitter Additional output options of minimum, average or maximum current Address option (display line at the transmitter) under which the option value is displayed Address (line of the display on the transmitter), under which the battery capacity, taken Capacity or remaining capacity is displayed Battery capacity of the connected battery . Select what to display: Taken from the capacity or residual capacity Alarm capacity value to activate the warning alarm.