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CODE: MPX85402

Price: $42.95
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Measures temperatures up to 700 C, depending on the temperature sensor. After activation of the second measuring channel with the MULTIMAT or via PC program "Sensor Data Manager " and connection of further temperature sensor (optional) a second temperature may be recorded. Includes Temperature sensor with temperature sensors to 200 C (# 8 5412). Accessories: Temperature sensors to 200 C (Stock # MPX85412) High temperature sensors up to 500 (Stock #MPX85413) Using MULTIMAT or "Sensor Data Manager ** Enable or adjustable: Address (line of the display on the transmitter), is displayed under the temperature Top Upper alarm temperature value at which an alarm is on the transmitter Lower temperatures below alarm value, from which an alarm sounds on the transmitter Additional output options of minimum, average or maximum temperature Address option (display line at the transmitter) under which the option value is displayed ... Analogously for the second measurement channel Specifications: Range (2 channels) - 20 ... 700 C (depending on temperature sensor PT100/PT1000 Standard) Resolution 1 C Housing Dimensions (L x W x H) 31 x 20 x 7 mm Weight 10 g