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Sensor, altimeter, and the Vario combines in one device. Extremely small, lightweight and inexpensive, as is required in comparison to conventional devices, a separate radio link. The Vario / height sensor fits into almost any model hull. Data such as altitude, ascent and descent rate and maximum height will be displayed directly on your transmitter. The sound of rise and fall can be freely assigned by the transmitter switches on and off, with the acoustic output of the stored alarms remain active. Not only a tool for sailors to pilot Auffi nd of thermals and updrafts, but also for tow pilots. The F-towed after reaching a given altitude can be a tone. Using MULTIMAT or "Sensor Data Manager ** Enable or adjustable: Address Address (line of the display on the transmitter), is displayed below the rate of climb Upper alarm value of the top rate of climb, from which an alarm occurs on the transmitter Alarm Lower down the climb rate at which an alarm is on the transmitter Additional output options of minimum, average or Maximalsteigrate Address Option Address (line of the display on the transmitter), which is displayed under the option value Integration Integration time - time interval over which to integrate the changes in height ... Analogously for altimeter (without integration time) Specifications: Altimeter Measuring range - 500 ... 2000 m (from the starting point) Altimeter 1 meter resolution Vario range / - 50 m / s Vario resolution 0.1 m / s Housing Dimensions (L x W x H) 31 x 20 x 9 mm Weight 10 g