Spektrum DX8 G2 8 Channel Transmitter Only, Mode 1

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Overview Spektrum’s new DX8 Gen 2 8-channel transmitter is beating all kinds of records, with its revolutionary features. Features 8 channels, endless potential DSMX modulation Powerful 2000mAh Li-Ion transmitter battery Ideal for planes, helicopters & sailplanes Large 250 model memory Select up to 4 modes Program your voice alerts – focus on flying SD card capabilities for quick transfer of data Compatible with Spektrum Flight Log and telemetry modules Improve your flying, with the 8-channel transmitter system The DX8 Gen 2 8-channel radio system offers in-built telemetry features, so you can access information in real-time. Your battery level, signal quality, engine or model temperature, airspeed and altitude… you’ll know everything, to make you a more-informed flyer. Program the DX8 using the voice alert system to tell you when something reaches or exceeds your pre-set limits. With the flip of a switch, you can instruct it to tell you the sequence of telemetry values – in real-time. And once you’ve got a free set of hands, you can easily take out the SD card to check out telemetry. Bigger than ever 250 model memory With a large on-board memory, you never have to worry about moving models in between the transmitter memory and SD card. The DX8 uses the AirWave software, which you would be familiar with if you use Spektrum. This means you can connect with other Spektrum pilots and share model setups, across platforms. The Spektrum DX8 encourages sharing. Once you’ve connected with another Spektrum transmitter, ModelMatch technology remembers it… so you never have to go through the process again. You can do cool things like train a new pilot, or have someone control your camera so you can focus on flying. There really is no 8 channel radio more perfect than the Spektrum’s DX8 Gen 2 8-channel transmitter