Spektrum DXE 7Ch Transmitter Only Mode 2

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Overview The DXe transmitter system is an out-of-the-box 7-channel transmitter that no customisation. Itís a popular model thatís widely used on a range of aircrafts. Features Up to 7 channels 2.4GHz band 11/22 ms frame rate AR610 receiver Ė not included Airplane programming feature User selectable modes, 1-4 4 AA alkaline transmitter battery Ideal for use with fixed wing aircrafts, helis & multi-rotors The transmitter thatís perfect for beginners, the DXe is a non-computer model featuring the standard 4 channels for control surfaces, as well as flight channel mode switch, flap switch and aux momentary button. Its 7-channel configuration offers versatility in the type of aircraft that can be flown. You can choose to fly 3, 4 or higher channel aircrafts, or use all 7. A simple 7-channel transmitter, with wired programming Boasting new levels of configurability and programmability, the Spektrum DXe transmitter system allows for easy import Ė either via a standard receiver to USB cord, receiver to mobile device cord, or to smartphone app or PC interface. This means you can choose how youíd like to program it. Leading entry-level transmitter Its high-level features mean you get the versatility of modern programming methods and configuration that you need, without paying more for it. The transmitter automatically programs and configures the transmitter for that specific model. The DXe transmitter system introduces unparalleled control with the simplest and easy to use design, so pilots of all experience levels can take advantage of the technology. With strength that lies in its advanced ergonomics and expandable features, the DXe transmitter system offers unbeatable value. Order yours today.